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About All Clad Cookware and Reviews

When it comes to quality in the kitchen, All Clad cookware is at the top of the list. Crafted from only the highest quality raw metals, All-Clad uses a unique patented process to bond two or more different metals together to create cookware that performs like no other.

All-Clad stands behind its products, believing that performance is the most important quality of fine cookware.

They offer lifetime warranties on their cookware, and it is not uncommon for All-Clad cookware to become heirlooms.

All Clad Cookware Highlights

All-Clad employs metallurgists, who specify the formulations of the high quality metals they use for their cookware down to the actual chemical composition and microstructure.

These metals are designed specifically for the best cooking performance. At every stage of the manufacturing process, each piece is hand-inspected to ensure that it meets company standards.

While this process of quality control tends to slow the production process, when you buy All-Clad cookware, you are guaranteed that every piece will be exceptional.

Every piece of cookware has a stay-cool handle made from solid stainless steel that has been ergonomically designed for the chef. All-Clad cookware is designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

All Clad Kitchen Products

All-Clad offers several lines of professional and gourmet cookware sure to appeal to the most exacting chef.


Contains a thick layer of copper to distribute the heat evenly, and it is attractive with a band of copper that shows its secret to the world. It also combines the ease of cleaning stainless steel, along with the benefits of using copper for heat conduction.

You can read more about All Clad Copper Core Cookware, including tips on cooking and cleaning copper core cookware.


Is elegant and simple, while delivering professional performance with the convenience of being dishwasher-safe. The outer layer is magnetic stainless steel, making it perfect for induction cooktops.


Has the classic elegance of a copper exterior. This is a line that looks as good as it cooks.


Is the reincarnation of All-Clad's original collection of quality cookware. Stylish and durable, the MC2 will appeal to both professionals and home cooks alike.

Read more about the All Clad Master Chef 2, including the benefits of this cookware, along with cooking and cleaning tips.

The LTD Collection

Makes a dramatic impression. The outside is black anodized aluminum, creating a sleek, classic look.

Gourmet Ovenware

Includes everything you'll need to roasting, baking and serving, looking as good on the table as it does in the oven.

Home Entertaining

Is made easier with All-Clad's line of chafing dishes, coffee urns and more that make entertaining a breeze.

Specialty Items

Include mixing bowls, measuring implements, woks, lasagna pans and more for a classic look in every part of the kitchen.

Tools and Utensils

Are not only made of matching stainless steel, but they are ergonomically designed for the comfort of the chef.

Electronics line

All-Clad has added a new that includes two types of crock pots and a stainless steel electric skillet with a six quart capacity.

Bridal Collections

For the bride-to-be, All-Clad has several to choose from for your bridal registry.

All Clad Cookware Reviews

all clad stainless steel cookware All Clad Stainless Set 9 piece
This All-Clad Stainless Set can be the last set of cookware you ever buy. All-Clad is known for its layering process, or cladding, which brings out the best qualities of several metals...

all clad measuring set All Clad Measuring Set
The All-Clad measuring cup set will fit right into your kitchen and match all your...

all clad dutch oven All-Clad Dutch Oven
All-Clad Dutch ovens are well-designed and made from stainless steel that is clad together with other metals like copper and aluminum. Combining these metals creates a cooking surface with fast, even heating that you can't get by using any of these metals alone.

all clad slow cooker All Clad Slow Cooker
This All Clad stainless steel slow cooker can make excellent stews, chicken dishes, pasta dishes, roasts and more. The booklet that comes with the cooker can get you started, and there are many more slow cooker recipes online and in cookbooks. Easy to use, all you need to do is...

all clad roasting pan All Clad Roasting Pan
The All Clad Roasting Pan is made with the same dedication to quality as the rest of All Clad's cookware. The large handles make it easy to move a heavy bird to and from the oven. Both the inside and outside of...

all clad stock pot All Clad Stock Pot
Fall is in the air, and that makes our family start thinking about rich, hot SOUP! With that in mind, the quest becomes finding a sturdy stock pot to get us started. The All Clad Stock Pot fits that bill very tidily. The construction on this pot is such that it's intended to last you a...

all clad fondue pot All Clad Fondue Pot
Allow your guests to cook strips of meat in hot oil or broth using this heavy gauge stainless steel fondue pot. The highly polished exterior...

All Clad Cookware History

All-Clad Metalcrafters began in 1971, when John Ulam had perfected his process for bonding different metals together. A gifted metallurgist, he began formulating bonded metals for different industries in 1960, and had been awarded several patents for his work.

He found that by cladding two different metals together, they performed like no individual metal could. This process was applied to his cookware and they quickly became a favorite of working chefs and gourmet cooks everywhere.

The company was purchased in 1988 by Sam Michaels, who expanded production of this unique cookware. In 1999, Waterford Wedgwood bought All-Clad and the company grew once more. In 2004, Groupe SEB bought the company with the intent to market All-Clad cookware worldwide.

Today, the mill is located in Pennsylvania, using only American-made metals, and employing only American craftsmen in the manufacture of this unique cookware.

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