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All Clad Copper Core Cookware

All Clad copper core cookware is the result of more than four decades of ingenuity and artisan design. Combining the benefits of copper's heat conduction and stainless steel's ease of cleaning, this line of cookware makes for incredible performance in the kitchen.

The Copper-Core line is the premier cookware made by All-Clad. It consists of a unique 5-ply construction unheard of in other types of cookware. A thick copper core is used to maximize heat conductivity and helps the cookware be responsive.

The copper is bonded through a special process to aluminum on each side to create even better heat distribution while lightening the weight of the pot at the same time. The interior and exterior of the pot is made from the highest-quality 18/10 stainless steel to provide a beautiful look, durability, a professional cooking surface and easy cleaning.

Cooking with All Clad Copper Core

Stainless steel makes the ideal cooking surface because it does not react with foods. Your cooking will taste fresher and cleaner than it may in aluminum or plain copper cookware. Stainless steel is easy to clean and performs well for a lifetime.

Cooking with stainless steel is easy, provided you follow a few simple rules. Pre-heat your pans on a low heat for a couple minutes before adding food. Add just enough oil or butter to just cover the bottom of the pan. Once the fat has heated, add your food. If you find your food is sticking, there are a few troubleshooting things to check.

First, is your stove level? Was your pan clean? Did you set the heat too high?

For the best results, stainless steel should be used on low to medium heat. You can avoid pitting the interior of your pans by bringing all liquids to a boil before adding salt, and then stirring well to dissolve the grains. Using too high of heat can discolor the exterior of your pan, causing blue or brown stains. Films from cooking, if not cleaned out properly, can cause discoloration also.

Cleaning All Clad Copper Cookware

Cleaning your All Clad Copper pots and pans is easy. Hand washing is recommended, but this cookware is safe to put into the dishwasher. The only downside to using the dishwasher is you'll need to polish the copper afterwards.

If you use your dishwasher for your cookware, try to choose detergents that do not include lemon and chlorine.

If you hand wash, a fine powder cleanser made into a paste with some water works well for the interior. Rub the paste in a circular motion towards the outside perimeter of the pan. Wash in hot, soapy water and dry it immediately to prevent spots. Steel wool and oven cleaners should be avoided.

To polish the exterior, you can use any of the commercial stainless steel cleaners available. If your water has a large iron content, you may find a rusty look on your pans.

All Clad Copper Core Features

all clad copper core dutch oven All-Clad copper core cookware will also look great in your kitchen. They're so pretty, you may even be tempted to place them on the table for serving. All-Clad's attention to detail has designed a circlet of copper to show through the stainless steel around the base of the pan, lending an air of elegance to your kitchen. Working with beautiful tools makes you enjoy cooking even more.

The workmanship All-Clad copper core cookware shows is top of the line. Besides the patented cladding process the company uses to bond the different metals, the cookware features a rolled edge rim for dripless pouring and long handles that remain cool while cooking.

All-Clad copper core cookware comes in many different designs, so you can find the perfect Copper-Core solution for every cooking problem. From frying pans and sauce pans, sauciers, roasters and braising pans, you won't be disappointed. Specialty pans like casseroles, stockpots, Dutch ovens and chef's pans will help make your cooking even easier. They even make a cassoulet, a butter warmer and a sauteuse. Many pans come with fitted lids.

If you need large sizes, many hold up to 6 quarts or more. If you cook only for one or two, you can likewise get appropriate-sized cookware. With the company's trademark lifetime warranty, this set of cookware is worth every dime. You won't be disappointed with a kitchen full of All Clad Copper Core cookware.

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