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Ameriware Professional Cookware

by Jan M.
(Barrington, IL)

I found an Ameriware professional skillet one day at Costco. There was a demonstration of the cookware. Although the non-stick characteristics of the pan were impressive during the demonstration, I was still skeptical. However I needed a unique Christmas present for my 84-year father who cooked eggs every morning. This skillet seemed like a good present for the guy who has everything.

The skillet performs beautifully. The heat distribution is even and the eggs cook perfectly. Dad uses the skillet for both scrambled eggs and eggs over easy. He never had a bad result. After seeing and tasting my Dad's great results I knew this skillet was the one for our family to make our weekend eggs.

Every weekend we use our Ameriware professional cookware skillet to make the best omelets. This skillet's non-stick feature works really well. The eggs do not stick and cook very evenly. The skillet is heavy and there is a long handle. The pan handles well and feels nice to use.

Our experience has been very positive using this cookware. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the non-stick feature survived my teenage son cutting up meat with a sharp knife in the pan. He has ruined many other non-stick features by cutting right in the pan, however this time the pan was not affected.

We usually use a plastic spatula, however with teenagers in the house the rules aren't always followed. The pan continues to perform well.

Our Ameriware skillet is easy to clean, easy to use and it's durable. The eggs are wonderful when cooked in this skillet. This cookware is expense. I would purchase it again, because we are happy with the results. We aren't professional cooks, but enjoy having good food without a big cleanup. The non-stick features of this cookware are outstanding.

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Best set ever
by: Suki

I bought my set 4 months ago And so far this is the best set ever! I cook a lot And after using these pots and pans, I put away my old sets! I am extremely pleased so far and love cooking in them! They are totally non stick and I put them in the oven And the food ever got stuck on them. I hope they stay non stick for years to come..but so far I'm extremely happy :)

negative comments from 'Anon', 'Joe' and 'annie01ca'
by: JK

From what I have researched, the cookware is warranted for 25 years. The sets are still sold in Costco Canada and Home Fairs, but you can go to: in order to get contact information if you need to return a defective pan. Also, all of the cookware is made by a company by the name of Vollrath, (in business since 1874), so I doubt that they could say it was ceramic and titanium surfaced aluminum cookware when it was actually teflon coated. Also, you can scratch ANYTHING, including diamonds. I believe the cookware is warranted from chipping and flaking for 25 YEARS, not scratches. So if you have any problem after Costco's gracious return period send it back to Ameriware and get another pan!

pots are great
by: Anonymous

I've found that the frying pans did not hold up to the claim of being stick free. They were for a few months, like any other teflon pan, but eventually I found that I had to use oil so that food wouldn't stick. Now they look horrible. I love the pots though. We've had our set for about 5 years and the interior of the pots look brand new. They clean up beautifully.

Best Ever
by: Anonymous

I just read the rest of the reviews and was amazed at some of the negative comments referencing the durability of this cookware. I have every piece of Ameriware and have used them for the past six plus is the best cookware we have ever owned. We cook on them daily and with minimal care they still look brand new and have the same non-stick performance as the day I pulled them out of the box. Could not be more pleased with a purchase as I have with Ameriware Cookware.

Pleased Customer
by: J Royal

I purchased a set of American cookware about 5 years ago, but quickly noticed that the non-stick coating was peeling off. I had to use oil to cook everything. I recently contacted the company by letter and to my surprise I received a full set of pot within 7 days of returning the merchandise. I must say, this was great customer service. I do not know if the pots will last me a life time or not; however, I can rate the company on caring about their customers.

Thanks Ameriware for the speedy response.

Worst I ever bought
by: Anonymous

We had an entire set of Calphalon cookware that we loved but my wife thought they were getting too heavy for her. We saw the demo at Costco, so we bought them a few years ago. We gave our Calphalon to our daughter. The demonstrator said this would be the last set of cookware we would ever need to buy. What a joke! The stuff is not really non-stick. We also noticed that the coating started coming off, in our food of course. The pans got so messed up we could not clean them any more and they were not good for cooking food for human consumption. My wife threw one of the pots out because the coating was chipping off all over the place. I wish I would have read one of the other reviews about taking them back to Costco, before throwing them out. Maybe I'll try taking back what I have left and see where that gets me. We went out the other day and bought a brand new set of Calphalon Cookware. I will lift them for my wife se we don't need to cook with junk.

not my best purchase
by: joe

I have the skillet which i purchased at the Big-E in Agawam, MA. I have had it for a few years now and to say that i am pleased would be a stretch. Although i use it about once a week, the pan just didn't stand up to my use. I have a pan that i purchased at Costco for $19.99 That is in much better shape. Usually i use a spray oil or butter, but my diet restrictions no limit my use of fats. I fried egg white the other morning and the results are not what i saw aat the product demonstration. The white stuck all over the bottom. I had to scrape them up with the plastic scraper. As i studied the pan i noticed that the finish seems to have worn off. I don't abuse it. Never used metal of any sort yet there are scratches on it. What concerns me is WHERE DID THIS COATING GO? In my food would be the logical answer. So, i would recommend that you take what you would spend on this pan and either get a good stainless one or cast iron pan. I have found they work great when seasond properly
good Luck

not what they seem...
by: annied01ca

I returned my Ameriware set to Costco after using them for over 1 yr, no problem with the return, Costco was great. The demo person lied to us, said they were metal utensil safe, not true. They were not non-stick after 3 months and oil was a must after a few uses. We were glad to get our money back and now with a bit more research i find out that the surface was Teflon after all! Will stick to SS and cast iron now until i find a real & greener alternative to Telfon...

desire for dutch oven w/ cover
by: Anonymous

I would like to purchase the Ameriware Dutchoven, not an entire set. Several years ago I happened to view a vendor demo and purchased two fry \pans, they have been the Greatest! Can you help me???

Hard to Improve on an outstanding product
by: Al

I've been cooking for nearly 50 years and in that time have trashed at least a half dozen sets of cookware. The primary reason was they did not stand up to the service they were designed for. Most would stick even in medium heat condition making cleanup a major undertaking due to delamination of the non stick surface or in the uncoated ones in simple terms just didn't stand up. And....if they did stand up to a small degree after my wife used them unsupervised they were usually done.

Approx. two years ago while in Costco I was third party to a conversation between a lady and the Ameriware Sales person. She was there to purchase (3) additional set of cookware for here daughters being she was so pleased with the set she had purchase a year previous for herself. Based on this I bought a set for myself and have not look back since then. The are without a doubt the best pots and pans I have ever owned. Clean up is a breeze and.....they work just like the sales person demos them. Further to this I can turn my back on my wife in the kitchen knowing the cookware will out last her.

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