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What Is the Best Non Stick Cookware?

The best non stick cookware can be a bit tricky to find. With non stick cookware ranging from the Dollar Store to top of the line cookware, the range is broad. You need to remember that not all non stick cookware is made equal.

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How many of us stocked our first kitchens with the cheapest non stick cookware we could find? I'm sure many of us have used those pans. You remember the onesÂ… you heat them up, add food and oh! There's a scratch! Before you know it, the non stick coating is peeling off.

This time you're out to find the best. It's time for a few tips on how to find the best non stick cookware. There are a few things you need to know before you just go out and buy the most expensive non stick you can find.

The Non Stick Coating

All good non stick coatings are made with one basic ingredient: PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene. This ingredient is good at keeping food from sticking, but it scratches easily. In order to make it more durable, PTFE is mixed with other materials.

The big difference between different non stick brands is how the proportions of PTFE are blended with other materials. This is where the cheaper pans have had their costs cut.

First, PTFE must be mixed with something to help it stick to the metal of the cookware. Cheap non stick pans will only have one layer of this material mixed with enough ingredients to help it stick to the steel or aluminum. This causes the PTFE to lose a lot of its non stick properties. This coating should be rolled onto the steel before the pots and pans are formed from it.

Better cookware begins with a similar blend that sticks to the metal. Next, extra layers are added with different proportions of the ingredients.

The second layer is formulated to stick to the first layer, but is more non stick than the first layer.

The third layer is even more non stick than the second. Three layers is the minimum for a long-lasting non stick cookware. The very best non stick cookware has seven layers.

The easiest way to judge a non stick coating is with the finger test. Rub your fingers back and forth on the surface. Do you feel tiny ridges? Walk away from that pan as fast as you can. A good non stick finish is completely smooth. This is because the coatings have been applied correctly and properly cured.

Look at the coating as well. PTFE based coatings are always matte. If you see a shiny coating, it has been coated with silicon. You do not want a pan coated in silicon. While it is excellent for baking, it reacts poorly with animal fats when heated in a pan.


Compare the pans you like most that fit the above criteria with your budget. You can still get a nice non stick pan without a huge budget.

The whole point is to find the best cookware for you. If cooking is an important part of your life, it is worth paying a bit more for a good pot or pan.

If you can't decide between two kinds of non stick cookware, look at the name. Go with one you've heard of. In general, the more expensive cookware will be of better quality, but with the range of quality non stick cookware available, you'll also be able to find one that fits the budget.


Before you commit to purchasing the best non stick cookware, check out the warranty. If it guarantees your purchase for three years, do you think that is long enough?

While it may mean a more expensive purchase, there are many non stick cookware companies that provide lifetime warranties.

Also check to what temperature the cookware is recommended. If you want to move your pan from the stove to the oven, this can be important.

Other Non Stick features

Don't forget to look at the quality of workmanship, how well the handles are connected, and if it comes with a lid, look at how well it fits.

Is the cookware too heavy or not heavy enough? Do you like the style? If you find the best non stick cookware that fits all these criteria, you'll be happy with your purchase for years to come.

Top Consumer Rated Nonstick Cookware

Anolon Advanced Nonstick Hard-Anodized Aluminum 10-Piece Cookware Set

Customers gave this Cookware Set a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating

Anolon Advanced Nonstick Hard-Anodized Aluminum 10-Piece Cookware Set

What's Included:
  • 1- 1 1/2-quart saucepan with lid

  • 1- 3-quart saucepan with lid

  • 1- 8-quart stockpot with lid

  • 1- 8-inch French skillet

  • 1- 10-inch French skillet

  • 1- 11 inch-3-quart saute pan with lid

Exterior: This set comes in a deep charcoal gray color. They are made out of hard-anodized aluminum which is an excellent conductor of heat and is even more durable than stainless steel.

Interior: The interior as well as the exterior has the DuPont Autograph 2 nonstick coating. This advanced nonstick coating is very durable, easy to clean, provides excellent food release. These pans will retain and distribute heat efficiently, giving you no hot spots when you are cooking.

Handles: The handles are made out of 18/10 stainless steel with silicone rubber grips, which gives you a soft cool to the touch grip. For extra durability they are riveted to the pan and feature a loop on the end for hanging.

Lids: The domed shape lids are made out of clear, tempered glass and have Anolon's suregrip t handles. Which stay cool with stove top cooking. They are break resistant and are oven safe to 400 degrees. The outside rim of the lids are trimmed with stainless steel.

Dishwasher: Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only

Oven: Both pans and lids are oven safe up to 400 degrees. This enables you to start a dish on the cook top and finish it in the oven.

Cooktops: This set can be used on gas, halogen, radiant ring and solid plate electrical cooktops.

Warranty: Lifetime limited against defects

Weight: Total weight for the set is 28.3 pounds

Utensils: Use only plastic or wooden utensils. Metal utensils will scratch the coating.

Where to buy this set online and for the best price

Most online retailers had this set priced around $300.00. We found that Amazon showed a discounted price and had the best price, plus you can get it shipped free with super saver shipping.
cuisinart chef classic hard andoized-cookware

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 14-Piece Cookware Set

Amazon reviewers give this Cuisinart Cookware Set a 4.5 out of 5 star rating

What's Included in the Set:
  • 1-1/2-quart saucepan with cover

  • 3-quart saucepan with cover

  • 8-inch skillet with cover

  • 10-inch skillet with cover

  • 4-quart saute with cover

  • 9-quart stockpot with cover

  • 7-3/4-inch steamer insert with cover

  • 9-1/2-inch pasta steamer insert with cover

Exterior: The exterior is made out of dense non-porous Hard Anodized material and has a smooth finish. This smooth finish makes it easier to clean.

Interior: Features the Quantanium nonstick cooking surface, which is a titanium reinforced non-stick cooking surface. Which is great for food release as well as easy cleaning. The rims are tampered for easy pouring and drip free.

The aluminum core of this cookware heats quickly and distributes heat evenly preventing hot spots. Never use high heat when cooking with this cookware.

Low to medium settings on the stove is recommended. For boiling water a medium-high heat is sufficient.

Handles: Are cast stainless steel that will stay cool on the stovetop. They are riveted for durability, strength and are designed for hanging on a cookware rack.

Lids: Are made from tempered glass which are tight-fitting and makes it easy to watch your food while you are cooking. The handles on the covers are wide, for easy gripping.

Dishwasher:These are not dishwasher safe. Wash by hand using hot soapy water and a sponge or soft dishcloth.

Oven: Oven-safe up to 500 degrees. Handles and pans will get hot, so make sure to use oven mitts.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weight: Total weight for this set is 34 pounds.

Utensils: Although this cookware is metal-utensil safe. It is recommended that you use wood or plastic utensils.

Where to buy online for the best price

Retail price for this cookware set online is $199.99. We found that Amazon had this set discounted below other online retailers and had the best price for this cookware set.

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