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Calphalon Muffin Pan

calphalon muffin pan

With more people becoming health-conscious, having a good muffin pan in the kitchen like the Calphalon muffin pan may turn out to be a great idea.

Whether you’re baking for a party, holiday, or just for your weekend meal, you can make healthy muffins at home and enjoy them warm out of the oven.

If you’ve never gone shopping for a muffin pan, definitely look for nonstick surfaces. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get twelve stuck muffins out of a regular pan that wasn’t oiled well.

Also look for a pan that has a ridge or handles so you don’t accidentally drop your muffins when moving them from counter to stove, or stove to table.

Positive Features

The Calphalon Muffin Pan makes 12 cupcakes, which is a nice number for small gatherings. It’s been designed in aluminum to help cook your muffins evenly on the bottom and all sides.

The cooking surface is non-stick for easy release and clean up. The edging size is a little larger than some muffin pans so that if you over-estimate your batter, it’s less likely to burn on the oven floor.

This muffin pan seems sturdily made, so it shouldn’t be prone to warping or bending.


Reading the description of the Calphalon Muffin Pan was very exciting – reading the price tag was not. $58.00 for a one-use muffin pan seems really exorbitant. I would be very hard pressed to pay that kind of money for any small cooking utensil with such a limited range of use. While I like to make home made goods, I could buy between 5-10 pans for the price of this one. This may be one of those instances where you’re paying more for a name brand than the product.

Also this is NOT dishwasher safe – hand wash only. The size is a little different than a standard muffin pan so it may not stack neatly in your cupboard.

Consumer Reviews

None of the consumer reviews I read discussed price. Since they bought the product and didn’t complain, there must be a reason. That reason appears to be dependability.

Buyers for the Calphalon Muffin Pan says it lives up to their expectations. Muffins glide out without needing any oil. While you can certainly use paper liners, there appears no need for the extra expense with this muffin tin.

Other compliments about the product included it being very sturdy, the way all the muffins come out equally done, and the simplicity of cleaning up the non-stick surface even when washing by hand.


  • 12 2-3/4” tins per pan
  • Nonstick coating
  • Easy cleanup
  • Aluminum foundation for even heating
  • Measures 15 5/8 x 11
  • Lifetime warranty


If you’re really married to the idea of having a Calphalon Muffin Pan then I suggest watching for it to go on sale.

Nonetheless, unlike some products this muffin pan seems to stand up to consumer testing. It delivers on the non-stick element time and time again.

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