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Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Review of Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender

The Cuisinart Immersion Blender easily purees soups, beverages and anything else you need to be mixed smoothly. The blade spins to blend all ingredients into a smooth mixture. Spattering is prevented by the protective blade guard.

The length of the blender lets you easily mix inside soup kettles, pitchers or bowls. Mix a super smooth crepe batter in seconds, make homemade mayonnaise or cream a perfect potato soup.

Positive Features

cuisinart imersion blender The Cuisinart immersion blender has a nice, quiet motor. The buttons make it very easy to operate with the same hand you're holding it with. It is simple and functional.

Cleaning up at when you're done is easy. The powerful motor chops up ice cubes and doesn't heat up during use. The blade doesn't mar your pans.

The blender breaks down into two pieces for easy cleaning and storage.

This blender is perfect for those on special diets or who need to mix up medicines for feeding tubes.

It also makes great baby food. This blender is perfect for crafts like soap making.

The price is very reasonable for such a useful kitchen tool.


The Cuisinart immersion blender's cord tends to get in the way if you are not careful. After many uses, one customer complained that the blade broke off inside the food she was making, which could be dangerous if you don't notice it. The internal shaft is plastic, and sometimes it can snap, rendering the blender lifeless.

If you don't get the two pieces put together just right, the plastic gear will get stripped and you'll end up tossing your blender. There is only one speed for the blender. Two would be better. It is a little top heavy, so if you have smaller hands or weaker wrists, you may need to pay extra attention when using this blender.

The cup that comes with the blender is nice and well made, but too small to be of much use.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Features

  • 200 watt motor powers this immersion hand blender
  • Protective guard keeps blade from splattering
  • Blends ingredients smoothly
  • Easy push-button controls
  • Lightweight for one-handed use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel blending shaft
  • 2 cup plastic beaker included with mixer
  • Three year limited warranty


The Cuisinart immersion blender will either become your new favorite kitchen gadget or you'll only end up using it a few times a year. There doesn't seem to be any in between.

Most customers had a great experience with this blender and use it multiple times per day. The few who had problems ended up with blenders that did not work well at all due to one reason or another.

It is perfect for fruit smoothies, gravies, sauces and anything else you need to blend to a creamy smooth texture. For the price, it is worth a try.

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