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DeLonghi Deep Fryer

Review of the DeLonghi D895UX Cool-Touch ROTO Electric 1-1/2-Pound-Capacity Food Fryer

The DeLonghi Deep Fryer is a unique appliance. The patented rotating basket is what makes this fryer different.

When installed, the basket is tilted. During cooking, the basket revolves, putting the food in and out of the oil. This lets you cook your food perfectly while using half the oil needed in a standard deep fryer. Your food ends up less greasy.

This deep fat fryer has a nonstick interior that makes clean up a breeze. The thermostat is adjustable so you can set the temperature to what you need. The handy viewing window lets you check on your food without opening the lid. You can lift the food up when it is done without opening the lid, reducing the chance of spatter.

A new oil draining system makes oil recycling simple. A hidden tube releases the oil into an attached storage bin. This fryer will make it simple to enjoy homemade tempura, donuts, fries, chicken and fish.

Positive Features

delonghi deep fryer The DeLonghi Deep Fryer has a unique rotating fry basket that cooks your food in less oil. You don't need to spend so much money on oil or worry about how to dispose of it. The built in digital timer makes it simple to know when your food is done.

You can peer inside safely through the built in view window on top. The nonstick pan inside is easy to clean. This unit has a record of long service with satisfied customers enjoying years of use. The yellow filter basket helps you recycle your oil so you can use it again.


The DeLonghi Deep Fryer works well, but it has a limited capacity. It is fine for two or three people. Replacement filters are not readily available and they are expensive. They can be ordered online, but then you need to wait for them to arrive.

Some units have a problem with the basket catching on the rotator. The rubber hose used for draining the oil can crack over time, creating a leak at the base. The basket can be very difficult to clean, especially when you try to fry something with batter.

Cooking may be uneven due to some pieces of food being constantly immersed while the food on top is only immersed half the time. Longer cooking times may result in more oil being absorbed by the food.

The electrical cord is connected magnetically for a safety feature, which makes the fact that the cord is only a foot long hard to work with at times.


  • Nonstick interior for easy cleaning
  • Holds 1-1/2 pounds of food
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Digital timer built in
  • Mesh basket rotates so less oil is necessary
  • Exterior handle lets you raise and lower the basket while lid is closed
  • Built in viewing window
  • Easy to use draining system for oil removal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes two filters
  • 14-3/4 inches by 12 inches by 9-1/2 inches


The DeLonghi Deep Fryer has a lot going for it if you don't need to feed a lot of people. At its relatively high price, you should make sure it will suit your needs before you purchase it.

Most consumers who have bought this unit find it easy to use and the food turns out great. They like the easy cleaning and oil draining. The handy storage container and oil filter makes it simple to clean your oil and use it again.

Some units seem to have problems with the rotation of the basket or the heating element. Either issue can make deep frying properly impossible. This design makes it more difficult to fry battered foods.

Before you purchase this item, weigh the pros and cons of the unit with your frying needs. It may fit your needs perfectly or it may fall short.

At the time of writing this review Amazon had this fryer discounted 60% from $250.00 to $99.95

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