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Emeril's is my First Real Pro Cookware

by Cameron G.



I'm not much of a cook, since I'm more of a "heat and eat" type of guy. I can cook some of my mother's tried and true recipes, but they've been one-pot type meals. The old cookware that I inherited from her certainly did a good job if I ever needed to make beef vegetable soup or pork chops with mushroom sauce.

However, when I became engaged, my fiancee was a big fan of "The Food Network" and I started to watch some of the programs with her, getting hooked on Emeril Lagasse. The man was funny and had some interesting recipes. I decided that I needed to augment my cookware, and bought a couple of his pots and pans just because they had his name on them.

I have to admit that I usually research things thoroughly before making major purchases, but in this case, I admired and respected Emeril enough to buy some of his cookware without checking reviews. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond (because it's close to my house, not because they necessarily have the best prices) and bought a 1- inch fry pan, a one-quart saucepan and a large sauté pan

They're stainless steel with an aluminum and copper bottom (for better heat conductivity) and they're made by All-Clad, which is one of the top manufacturers of quality cookware. They are also fairly heavy, which was hard for me to get used to, since my old stuff is fairly lightweight.

I'm impressed that these pieces come with a lifetime warranty. You don't usually find anything that has that type of backing anymore.

It took awhile for me to get used to cooking with the stainless steel, especially the fry and sauté pan. However, after boning up on the "dos and don'ts" of cooking with stainless steel, I am very impressed with its versatility. As long as you have enough oil in the bottom of the pan, heat it according to instructions and leave the food alone until it browns, you'll have success.

I still use my little non-stick Teflon skillet for eggs, as I haven't been successful in cooking eggs that don't stick to the bottom of the Emeril pan. But sauteing chicken breasts and steaks, making soups and stews (more or less the extent of my cooking skills) are a breeze and come out so much better now that I have heavier and higher quality cookware. My fiancee loves cooking with my Emeril pans and she's trying to talk me into buying more pieces, which I probably will.

These pieces should be washed by hand, which I usually do, although I have thrown them in the dishwasher without any visible problems.

Overall, I am very satisfied with Emeril's cookware. I probably wouldn't have bought any new cookware if I hadn't started watching his shows. But quality cookware does make a difference in the kitchen.

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