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Emerilware Fryer

The Emerilware fryer offers the home cook the ability to easily deep fry many different foods. You'll be surprised how often you'll find yourself using it.

Prepare your own tempura meats and vegetables, make homemade French fries and onion rings, or use it to make juicy fried chicken.

Fish and chips can be made right in your kitchen rather than having to run down to the local fish restaurant. Having your own deep fryer opens up many more options for the home kitchen.

Positive Features

The most unique feature of the Emerilware fryer is its ability to filter the oil, drain the fryer and store the oil for future use. This feature alone may makes the Emeril deep fryer worth the price.

All parts of the fryer come apart easily and are dishwasher safe except for the heating element.

The Emerilware fryer is manufactured by T-Fal, which is a company that has a solid reputation for quality. The fryer cooks evenly and there is a glass window on top to check on your food's progress.


The fryer is easy to overfill. While it can hold a lot of oil, when it reaches the fill line, it gives you approximately three inches of oil for actual cooking. Overfilling the fryer will cause the drain and storage system to leak. This is the biggest problem with this fryer.

Another problem is the digital read out. It looks like it will give you a read out for the temperature, when in reality it is only a timer countdown feature. There is no way to set specific temperaturesÂ… there are only four preset temperatures that can be chosen by turning a knob.

Because of the Emerilware name, this fryer is a bit pricey. The stainless steel housing is a bit thin. The basket that holds the food is a little flimsy if you need a heavy duty fryer.

Product Features

  • The Emerilware fryer is 1700 watts of frying power.
  • The fryer holds 3.3 liters of oil or 2.65 pounds of food.
  • The exterior is attractive with a brushed stainless steel housing.
  • A convenient ready light tells you when the oil has reached optimum temperature.
  • A digital timer is included for precise timing in your frying.
  • A detachable, magnetic plug is used for safety.
  • A glass viewing window lets you see your food's progress without losing heat.
  • A permanent filter helps keep your oil clean for multiple uses.
  • The fryer disassembles easily for cleaning.
  • All parts except the heating element are dishwasher safe.
  • Five of Emeril's recipes are included.


This fryer is easy to use and has a unique oil filtration and storage system. Care must be used, however to avoid overfilling and leaking of oil. Most reviewers have found this fryer easy to use and clean. A few have had problems with leaking and the heat turning off. All in all, if you are careful to follow directions, this deep fryer may be worth the price that is charged for celebrity cookware.

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