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Jamie Olivers Cookware Rocks!

by Kimberly Schmidt
(Des Moines Iowa Polk County )

Jamie Oliver is refreshingly fun to watch. I have owned T-Fal Cookware and when I found out Jamie started his own line of cookware and it was with T-Fal I jumped on the cookware.

Cooking with T-Fal is easy, fun, enjoyable to use. The clean up is easy as well. I like to clean my pots and pans right after i have used them, but that is me. I have let my cookware set before over night. Then next morning i thought "Oh no this will be a hassle to clean" it wasn't at all. It was so easy that everything came right off the pan.

I would buy Jamie Oliver's cookware again and refer my friends to buying it or even a person walking down the street. T-Fal has been around for years so why not buy it? It is a household name product and cookware. I have owned T-Fal set for 10 yrs now.

I have owned Jamie's cookware made by T-Fal for 5 yrs. I love it.I can not say anything bad about the cookware or Jamie Oliver. Durable, strong and made to last is this cookware that Jamie has made. I do have to say it is dishwasher safe and comes out great. Lids on the pans stay on nicely when cooking and easy to clean as well for lids.

The collection of his cookware is great. Jamie cooks simply and with only the fresh's ingredients which makes it even more fun to use his cookware.

My daughter helps me when I am cooking it is easy for her when I ask her to clean it. She loves it. She is only 12 but she loves to cook with me using the cookware as well.

I like his T-Fal's Collection and the pots I use everyday. With the coating they use for the cookware i do not have to use anything such as sprays. I do not have to use butter either. I use olive oil allot when i cook just to add flavor to the food and it to is easy to cook with.

So I would highly recommend buying Jamie's cookware today and see how you to will love it to. It is the best priced i have found for this cookware and yes I would pay any price for his cookware due to I love T-Fal and I love Jamie Oliver who is just refreshing and enjoyable to watch when cooking.

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