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Kitchen Aid Non- Stick Teflon Pans

by Ruth
(Walnut Creek, CA USA)

I recently purchased a set of Kitchen Aid Non-stick Teflon pans. I was a previous fan of Cast Iron, but I've been converted! I grew up cooking with Cast Iron, my parents swear by the stuff but my boyfriend, who does more of the cooking these days, didn't like them.

After months of badgering me into buying a set of non-stick Teflon pans, he finally convinced me to buy these pans, and I should have listened to him long ago!

I love the red color, because they match all the rest of my kitchen aid stuff. The color just seems to pop, and no matter how many times you wash or use them, the color still looks as fresh as the day we bought them!

I also love that they're very easy to clean (just throw them in the dishwasher, baby!), and that they heat up very quickly. Spending less time cleaning dishes is important to me - I'd rather spend that time better elsewhere!

If I could change anything about the pans, I'd make them with a better grip - sometimes it gets hot! Although, in the realm of things, this is a very small complaint, that's what they made hot pads for, right?

This pan works great for any type of food - making a delicious stir fry with fresh vegetables, pan-searing a steak... heck, I've even made delicious burgers on this! In fact, I can't think of any recipe that doesn't work as well, or even better, than my parent's trusty Cast Iron pans!

I have to say though, that this pan works wonders on my dad's secret recipe Mexican rice. I've made him proud with this dish! I love to cook, and these pans work wonders in the kitchen!

All in all, I would buy these pans over and over again - money well spent! In fact, I might even pick up some more!

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