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KitchenAid 6 quart Professional Stand Mixer Review

by Mercy
(Youngstown, Ohio, USA)

I asked for this for Christmas one year and my grandmother bought it for me. My husband thought I was crazy at the time as he was sure I would never use the thing.

We were living in an apartment at the time and weren't at home when it was delivered. I so excited when it came and thought it would be an easy thing to just go pick it up at the office, what a mistake. I think the 6 quart model weighs something like 30 pounds not to mention its size and I had to drag it through the snowy weather.

So, I get into the apartment, unbox it and I have to say it was a thing of beauty! I got the brushed nickel color because we didn't have a kitchen of our own.

First things first, read the directions. There are some quirks with the KitchenAid mixers. For example, you have to use a specific speed when making breads or else you can burn out the motor; you have to make sure you don't add too many ingredients because when they 6 quarts, they mean it.

I have made everything in this mixer from cookies to breads and it has never failed me once. It gets everything just right. I love it!

The only things that are a little bit troublesome:
1) I wish I had a second bowl. It is a little annoying when you are making a recipe with several batches that then go together or when you are doing a lot of different baking in the same day. I am constantly washing and rewashing the bowl and the mixing blades.
2) There isn't much space between the mixing head and the bowl edge and this sometimes makes working with it messy. I think I am much messier with this mixer than any other (but I am not bothered by this too much).
3) The mixing head (where it rotates) can get messy when adding ingredients as well and is a little bit difficult to clean.
4) Its size can make storage a little troublesome. I happen to keep mine on counter space that is infrequently used and it stays our of the way.

Overall, I don't think I will buy another mixer for a long time. My grandmother still has hers from the 70s and it's still running strong and I think mine will be, too.

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