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Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Dutch ovens are made in France the same way they've been made since 1925. Each oven is hand-cast into a sand mold. After casting, each mold is destroyed and then each oven is polished and sanded by hand to be prepared for enameling.

Le Creuset offers Dutch (or French as they call them) ovens in many different sizes. The smallest is a .33 quart mini cocotte that is perfect for serving individual pot pies, appetizers and soups directly from the oven to the table. They offer seven more round Dutch ovens ranging from 2 quarts to 13.25 quarts. Obviously they have every size you could possibly need to make everything from sauces, gravies and risotto to enough stew to feed a crowd.

Use your round oven to make mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese or steamed clams. Le Creuset offers three wide Dutch ovens in 3.5, 5 and 6.75 quart sizes. Use them to serve a roast, Swiss steak or a casserole.

If you prefer oval Dutch ovens, choose from four sizes that include 3.5, 5, 6.75 and 9.5 quarts. They are small enough to make a nice side dish of vegetables or rice and large enough to feed the entire family chili on Superbowl weekend. You can use them almost every night for everything from simmering, marinating, poaching, braising and browning. They even make a 15.5 quart goose pot that is big enough for a, you guessed it… goose, small turkey or a leg of lamb.

All of these Dutch ovens are suitable to marinate in the refrigerator, move to the stove or oven for cooking, then to the table for serving, and even the freezer for storage. Wonderful recipes for these ovens like jambalaya, roast garlic lamb with rosemary and chili are available at Le Creuset's website, which is located here:

Positive Features

The Le Creuset oven cooks evenly and is perfect for slow-cooked meals. They come in six wonderfully bright colors to match any kitchen décor. The enamel is durable and makes cleaning easy. The ovens are perfect for everything from pasta to soup. You'll find a way to use them every day.

Cooking in a Dutch oven is a very forgiving method. If a meal must sit longer than you planned, just turn the heat down and check the moisture level. These Dutch ovens can last a lifetime (or longer) and still cook great meals. They are terrific for one-dish meals like chicken and dumplings


The big stumbling block with Le Creuset Dutch ovens is the price. While they are worth every penny, they are not affordable for everyone. Some people have found that the knob on the lid comes loose with everyday use. While it is easily repairable by screwing it back in, it is an annoyance.

Like any cast iron pot, this one can be heavy, especially if you have the larger sizes. If they get dropped, the enamel can chip. The same thing can happen if you forget and add a cold liquid to a hot pot.

While it won't affect the pot's ability to cook good food, the aesthetic quality of the pot is hurt. The inner rim of the lid is no longer glazed as it was in years past, which can allow the iron to rust if you're not careful.

Product Features

  • Le Creuset ovens are made according to strict quality control.
  • The ovens come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any family.
  • They are suitable for the freezer, the refrigerator, the stove top, the oven and for serving on the table.
  • Le Creuset Dutch ovens are safe in the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The enameled surface resists sticking and does not react with food.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty of 101 years that even covers chipping.
  • The Dutch ovens come in six different colors, including Flame, Red, Kiwi, Dune, Cobalt and Chestnut.

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