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Le Creuset Giant Grill Review

The Le Creuset giant grill can turn your kitchen into a restaurant. The grids on the grill side are perfect for steaks, ribs, salmon fillets and burgers, giving you beautifully crosshatched grilled meats. The smooth griddle side is perfect for pancakes, crepes, eggs, toasted sandwiches, French toast and other goodies.

The grill's thin profile lets you slide it away securely in a cupboard when not in use. Easy to use, just treat the grill like any other cast iron pan. Add a little oil before adding your food, and after cleaning, a little more will keep your grill safe from rust until a solid seasoning has built up.

Positive Features

The Le Creuset giant grill is versatile. It can make quite a few dishes quickly and easily. Your grilled meats get a lovely presentation with the crosshatch grill marks, and it works as well with delicate fish as it does with a large steak. The other side can fry up a quick scramble or a mountain of pancakes. If you like toasted cheese sandwiches, they'll turn out golden, crisp and delicious.

You can even heat up the grill and turn it on low to use as a warmer for other dishes when making a large meal. If you can afford two, breakfast becomes a breeze as you make bacon or sausage on one and pancakes and eggs on the other. The grill allows the grease to drip below the cooking meat, giving you a healthier result.


The Le Creuset giant grill is a bit expensive. You pay a lot to get the name, and there are similar grills out there that may perform just as well. The pan didn't come with any care instructions. In some cases, the griddle is not packed adequately for shipping, and may arrive broken. The grease channel could be larger, and the grill could really use some handles. It is not suitable to use on a ceramic stove top.

If you don't get it absolutely dry (the best way to do this is to reheat the grill after cleaning), you'll be greeted with rust the next time you want to use it. If you don't adequately oil the grill before placing your food on it, it may stick. Some cooks may find this grill too heavy for comfortable use. You must wait until the grill has cooled off before cleaning so the cast iron isn't shocked by the temperature change.

Giant Grill Features

  • Large dual-sided grill works well for meats on one side, pancakes and eggs on the other side
  • Fits easily over two burners on the stove with its generous 18-3/4 inch by 9 inch measurements
  • Enameled cast iron grill retains heat well and has even heat distribution
  • Grease channel wicks oil and grease away from meats for a healthier meal
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in France by Le Creuset


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Le Creuset Grills

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