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Le Creuset Round Oven

The Le Creuset round oven can be used for almost anything. Due to its cast iron core, it retains heat and cooks gently on a low heat. It works well on any heat source: gas, ceramic, electric, radiant, halogen, induction or solid fuel all work with these enameled ovens.

You'll be amazed at how many uses you'll find for this item in your kitchen. Use it to saut? onions for onion soup, to brown and braise meats, to roast a chicken, make chili, sauces, make a pot roast, stews, to bake bread or to make a casserole.

Positive Features

le creuset round oven The Le Creuset round oven does it all. You can simmer a soup or stew on the lowest setting of your stove all day long or make a pot roast on your stove rather than in the oven.

The round oven heats evenly and fits on a single burner. It can easily replace your slow cooker.

The enamel casing keeps the cast iron from rusting and makes clean up a breeze. The pretty colors the enamel comes in doesn't hurt, either. They look nice just sitting on your stovetop even when you're not cooking. The lid fits tightly to keep in moisture and flavor.


The price is the biggest sticking point on the Le Creuset round oven. While Le Creuset is known to be the best in the enameled cast iron business, the price is just too high for many cooks to pay.

Special care must be taken when cleaning, as the lip around the top is not enameled and will rust if not cleaned and dried properly.

Some people have reported the enamel chipping off after a lot of use, while others have found the oven to last for generations. Pouring cold liquids into a hot enamel pot will also cause chipping.

The other really big criticism for the Le Creuset round ovens are the weight. Cast iron is heavy, but is amazing for conducting and retaining heat.

Dutch Oven Features

  • Le Creuset ovens are handmade of cast iron with a layered enamel coating.
  • This oven works on all cooking surfaces.
  • This oven is dishwasher-safe.
  • Le Creuset's ovens allow you to braise, bake, broil, saute, refrigerate, marinate and freeze all in the same container.
  • The porcelain coating is non-reactive with foods.
  • Oven size is 10 x 10.8 x 4 inches.
  • Le Creuset offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Weight is 10.5 pounds


All in all, the Le Creuset Dutch oven is worth its weight in gold. If it arrives damaged, the company is good about sending a replacement. This pot can last for generations and cook as delicious a meal when it is 50 years old as it did when it was new. Cleaning is easy and the pot can be used on any heat source. While it is expensive, if you like to cook, you'll find this cookware investment worth every penny. Amazon has this discounted 35% at the time of writing this review. Click here to purchase at this discount

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