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Le Creuset

by Lacey
(Oregon, USA)

My favorite cookware is Le Creuset. Be warned that it can be expensive, but it is so worth it and I’ll tell you why!

It is cast iron that is covered with enamel. Therefore, you get the excellent heat conductivity of the cast iron, with something a bit more attractive than the matte black of the iron. Le Creuset is available in a variety of colors – my favorite is a bright orange-red color known as “Flame”, although I am partial to the cobalt blue as well. Considering this superior heat retention, your food will cook more evenly and quicker. You can also cook over a lower heat, which is not only more energy efficient, but also better for your cooking.

You can use the different pieces on your cook top, in the oven and even on the grill if you want! The handles are made of a heatproof plastic that is safe to use up 375̊. The lids fit very tightly and are very heavy, so be careful not to drop one on your toes! Just like the lids, the pots are heavy also, which keeps them from rattling around on the burner. Le Creuset is also dishwasher proof and cleans up beautifully!

My favorite piece is the heavy soup pot which is a roomy 2 ¾ quarts. I have yet to have a soup, stew or chili turn out bad in this pot. It gets very hot with little heat, which makes it good for precooking veggies or meats. This soup pot is so big that I even made a small pot roast and potatoes in it with no problems. I use it primarily for my chicken and rice soup and it performs perfectly each time.

As you can tell, I love my cookware. However, I have noticed a serious drawback to it. The enamel can chip due to cooking over a high heat for too long or from dropping or banging it against something. Once the enamel chips off, you lose that non-stick quality and you will get uneven heating of the pan. If you happen to chip the enamel on the lid, your lid will not fit nice and tight anymore. Having said all that, this cookware is tough so as long as you are a little bit careful, you will have no problems.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my Le Creuset cookware. I received my first piece almost 13 years ago and it is still going strong. I add a new piece every 6 months or so and already have my next one picked out!

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