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Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron is the manufacturer of high quality cast iron cookware. Widely available, this company's cookware is durable and fairly priced. Anyone who has cooked in cast iron can attest to the unique qualities this cookware imparts to the food.

Meats form tasty crusts, sealing in the juicy flavors. Vegetables cook quickly and evenly. Fried potatoes get a wonderful crispy edge to them while maintaining a soft bite to them at the same time. Casseroles and stews are never as good as when they are cooked in a classic cast iron Dutch oven or enamel pot.

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Lodge Highlights

Lodge Cast Iron makes standard cookware like Dutch ovens, skillets and griddles. They also make more specialized items like deep fryers, camping cookware, camp ovens and more.

Lodge Cast Iron is well-known for making durable cookware that is actually passed down from generation to generation. The formula they use for the iron, the precision molds the cookware is cast in, and years of testing to find the perfect wall thickness shows their dedication to creating the finest quality cookware they can.

Cast iron is well known for its even heating, heat retention, durability and value. An old saying about cast iron is "it just keeps getting better" and this is true. It refers to the seasoning of the pan. Every time you cook in your pan, it gets seasoned more and more. Seasoning prevents rust and creates a permanent, natural nonstick surface. You'll know your pan has developed a good season when the inner surface is black and shiny.

Lodge Pans

Lodge Manufacturing makes the following lines and products:

Lodge Logic

With over 80 pieces in this collection of pre-seasoned cast iron cookware, you can't go wrong. You'll find everything from classic Dutch ovens to a cast iron wok in this collection.

Lodge Pro Logic

Similar to the Lodge Logic series, the Pro Logic adds a little more sculptural design to these classic kitchen workhorses.

Lodge Signature Series

This line of cast iron cookware brings old-fashioned cast iron into the 21st century with stainless steel handles.

Lodge Enamel

This series takes all the heat retention and distribution you get with cast iron and adds style and color. The stainless steel lid handles add a nice touch. The enamel is chip resistant and this cookware can be used on electric, gas, ceramic and induction cooktops on low to medium temperatures.

They can also be used in gas, electric and convection ovens below 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These pieces can also be put into the freezer and refrigerator. This cookware looks great on the table as well as in the kitchen. Lodge Enamel is available in red, blue and green.

Add color to your cast iron at a budget price with this line of enameled cookware. Colors include Island Spice Red, Caribbean Blue and Café Brown. The coating is made of glass and has been used for cookware since the 1920s.

Lodge Gear

This is a collection of useful kitchen items like splatter screens, tongs, leather oven gloves, a charcoal starter, barbecue tools and other needed accessories.


Cast iron bakeware that is perfect for corn bread, biscuits, muffins and more.

Books and Videos

Lodge also has a large library of books and videos on how to cook with cast iron to improve your skills. Some cookware items like Dutch ovens are not commonly used in everyday cooking anymore, and these references will help you learn how to use them effectively.

Lodge Cookware Reviews

lodge cast iron dutch oven Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven
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lodge cast iron griddle Lodge Cast Iron Griddle
The Lodge cast iron griddle is another offering from the American-based Lodge company. This double sided grill-griddle is perfect to take camping or to use on your barbecue or stovetop to make breakfast in the morning and hamburgers and steaks at night...

lodge logic pre seasoned skillet Lodge Logic Pre Seasoned Skillet

For anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to properly season an iron pan, a product like the Lodge Logic 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet is a blessing. Cast iron pans are...

Lodge Company History

Begun in the 1800s, Lodge Cast Iron was founded by Joseph Lodge. He created the foundation that was grounded in quality and high standards that the company still follows today. Lodge Manufacturing is still family owned today and located in south Pittsburg, Tennessee. This very small community makes the best cast iron cookware in the world. What other company can boast that frying pans and Dutch ovens they manufactured over 100 years ago are still in daily use today?

Lodge Cast Iron is useful in the home and out camping. With classic Dutch ovens, large frying skillets and other must-have cookware, Lodge will bring a whole new facet to your cooking. Classic cast iron cooks well and can't be beat for durability and functionality.

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