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Mario Batali Panini Grill Review

The Mario Batali panini grill is the perfect pan to have for perfect paninis, but you can also use it to make vegetables, chops, bacon and other dishes as well. It makes incredible steaks. It holds the heat well, and is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The porcelain enamel comes in pesto (light green), chianti (maroon), persimmon (orange) and espresso (brown). Each use of the pan helps create a seasoning layer that creates a natural nonstick surface.

Positive Features of the Panini Grill

The Mario Batali panini grill makes excellent steaks on a medium high heat. The pan holds its heat very well. Once your steak is done, you can toss on a few vegetables for a quick side dish.

There are a few tips to try when using the grill: toast your bread first to prevent sticking, and always use a low heat setting. Let the grill warm up for a few minutes on the low setting before putting your bread on. If you heat up the press on the grill before you add your sandwich, it will help the top of your sandwich toast without flipping the sandwich.

The grill is large enough to make two sandwiches at a time. Adding oil to your grill after each use at first will help build the seasoning layer. The pans look really nice in the kitchen even when not in use.


The Mario Batali panini grill is very heavy due to the cast iron construction. It may not be suitable for people with wrist problems or arthritis. The weight also makes it a challenge to clean.

The sandwich bread may stick so badly that it is difficult to get it off the grill. The enamel can chip off easily if you are not cautious. Some customers were upset that sandwiches had to be flipped over to brown on both sides.
  • Large 11 by 11 inch cooking surface
  • Made of durable cast iron construction
  • Colorful porcelain enamel exterior
  • Distinctive handle and small helper handle
  • Hand washing is recommended


Overall, the Mario Batali panini grill is a great pan for making sandwiches, steaks and other grilled foods. It is large enough to make two sandwiches at the same time, and with a little practice and care, your food will turn out great every time.

On the downside, the pan is heavy, like any other cast iron utensil. If you are not accustomed to working with cast iron, you may have a learning curve when cooking with this grill. Most of the complaints could be remedied by working with cast iron cookware a bit more.

In the few cases where the pans arrived broken or chipped, they can be replaced quickly. Some people do not realize how brittle cast iron can be, especially if it gets very cold. If you are willing to learn how cast iron works, this pan should perform well for you. If not, you may want to look elsewhere for something suitable.

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