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Rachael Ray Cookware Review

by Sarah Parfitt
(Mesa, Arizona)

It was our 7th Wedding Anniversary a couple of weeks ago, but I received my gift from Grandma a month early! She knew how badly I wanted this Rachael Ray cookware set, so she got it for me with add ons!

I got the 10 piece set, 5qt saute pan, 8qt pasta pot and her knife set! I couldn't be more thrilled!I threw all of my other pots, pans and knives away since I'll never use them again!

They're sturdy, thick and can withstand heat VERY well! They can go in the oven, which I'm really excited about! I love to saute meat and finish it in it's cooking pan in the oven, couldn't do that before but I can now! Even the lids withstand heat well! I used a wisk in one of the sauce pots and it didn't scratch the surface at all.

Things don't stick to the bottom anymore, no more "lubing" of pans so I can cook a meal. I couldn't be happier with these pans! I can enjoy cooking again and make things that I couldn't before. I don't have to use 3 different pans to make a meal!

The handy handle on the 5qt saute pan and 8qt pasta pot make draining things or transferring things so much easier! It gives you stability while maneuvering around the kitchen. The handles of all of the pots and pans don't get hot while you're cooking on the stove top.

All of the items together with the cutlery set make the kitchen experience much better. The knives cut with ease. The pans do all the work themselves! I definitely won't be putting these in the dishwasher. All it takes is a soft sponge, really hot water and some non abrasive dish soap(green or organic soaps are best so that the chemicals won't eat away at the surface). Clean up is so easy! Nothing gets stuck to them, so there's no scrubbing at all! Even after being in the oven, there's no scrubbing!

I would recommend these to anyone that is disgusted or fed up with their current cookware. They're worth their weight in gold! The price these sell for is worth every penny, and that's the honest truth! Enjoy cooking again, expand your cooking knowledge, experiment with new things. These pots and pans allow you to do that!

You'll never have to buy another cookware set again, these will last a lifetime if properly taken care of! Feel like a pro in your own kitchen! I hadn't been excited about cooking in a long time, until I got this set!

My grocery bill has about doubled because there are things that I've not been able to cook, so now I'm cooking all of my favorite dishes again!

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