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Revere Ware Cookware

by Asha Jayaraman
(Palani, India)

Revere Ware cookware are renowned for their improved quality and copper-bottom vessels used for cooking food. Modern products from the company offer cookware that have transparent or metal lids. The body is manufactured with stainless steel and non-stick finishing which prevents food particles from sticking to the vessel.

Aluminum metal attached to the base helps to spread heat uniformly throughout the vessel. This cookware is guaranteed for 25 years, dependable, durable and can be cleaned in dishwashers.

The anti-slip handle helps a person to hold the cookware easily. The advantages of the cookware are its attractiveness, secure handle, easier maintenance, steel lids and extended guarantee.

The non-stick aluminum pans have been my favorite ever since I bought it. I can cook or heat food faster than conventional vessels. Scrubbing the cookware is easy since food does not stick to the surface while cooking.

They also have a copper-base that make them visually stimulating. The lock provided for the lid can handle pressure very well. It occupies a favorite place in my kitchen. There isn’t anything much that I don’t like about it. I enjoy cooking chicken with my special pan since it gets cooked faster. I find it convenient to cook on special occasions using superior recipes from the internet. The end results of my cooking are exciting. I would recommend Revere cookware to my friends and relatives also.

The company guarantee of 25 years is enough to prove the high quality of Revere stainless steel and non-stick cookware. The copper base makes them more eye-catching. Non-stick coating effectively improves the ease with which cleaning can be done. The cookware is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, aluminum and copper. The lids and handle are highly practical to cooking needs. They are also economical and safe and offer diverse benefits to the consumer.

Saucepans, skillets, covers, stockpots, saucepan, cookware sets, steamers, sauté pans, tea kettles, etc. are made with high quality aluminum, stainless steel, copper and non-stick coating. These cookware products are highly useful in a modern kitchen.

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by: Anonymous

I recently had a knob fall off one of my lids.
Does anyone know how to repair them?

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