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Revere Ware Tea Kettle

The Revere Ware tea kettle has classic good looks. Made of polished stainless steel with a copper bottom, it heats quickly and efficiently. Enjoy your tea, or heat water to use for convenience foods like cup noodles or instant soups.

This tea kettle has the traditional whistle to let you know when your water is boiling. It looks great in your kitchen and performs well for years.

Tea Kettle Postive Features

The Revere Ware tea kettle is adorable. It looks great in the kitchen. The whistle is loud and never fails to alert you that your water is ready. It heats water very quickly. You can make enough water to fill your tea pot several times over.

The handle fits nicely in the hand, and makes it easy to pour the water. The light weight makes it easy to use even if you have strength issues like arthritis. The copper bottom makes all the difference. Many of these tea kettles have stood the test of time.

Revere Tea Kettle Considerations

There is only one opening on the Revere Ware tea kettle, and that is the spout. This makes cleaning difficult at best and impossible at worst. Filling it is difficult as well. If the kettle is filled too high, the whistle is replaced with spouting hot water.

The handle gets hot, which means you must use a pot holder to pour your tea while simultaneously pushing the mechanism to open the spout. The spout is very short, and water dribbles down the front. The spout is also mounted very high on the kettle, making it impossible to pour unless the kettle is almost upside down.

The grip on the mechanism that opens the spout should be stronger; it fails on occasion. The newer version weighs less than the old version did, and is not as durable. Rust has appeared after only four weeks of use with some kettles. The bottom bulges out if cold water is put into the kettle while it is still hot. The lid will not remain in an open position to allow proper drying inside.

Revere Tea Kettle Features

  • Kettle comes in a variety of sizes: choose from 6 cups, 2-1/3 quart and 3-1/2 quart sizes
  • Kettle is constructed of high quality polished stainless steel
  • Bottom is made of Revere Ware's signature copper for fast, even heating
  • Phenolic handles remain cool to the touch even when water is hot
  • Traditional whistle alerts you that your water is ready
  • Revere Ware offers a 25 year warranty against product defects


The Revere Ware tea kettle has the same classic design as the old favorite many people remember from their childhoods. However, they are not made the same any longer. While some people are still pleased with the kettle, many more consistently have problems with pouring, cleaning and durability. The kettle is difficult to fill. Once the water is hot, there is no way to keep the lid open so you can leave it on low to remain hot.

Ultimately, the overall reviews are about half and half, with half of the customers being very pleased with the kettle, and half being unhappy enough to return it. If you have enjoyed Revere Ware in the past, it may be worth a try. If not, you may want to keep looking.

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