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Rival Electric Ice Cream Maker

The Rival electric ice cream maker makes 6 quarts of homemade frozen yogurt, sorbet or ice cream. The plastic bucket is simple to clean and is small enough to store easily when not in use.

The see through lid lets you view the progress of the ice cream. A powerful motor churns easily. The motor housing locks in place easily without latches. Recipes included.

Rival 8806 Pros

rival electric ice cream maker The Rival electric ice cream maker uses salt and ice to freeze ice cream in the old fashioned way. It works fast. You can have a batch done in less than 20 minutes.

Set the soft ice cream in the freezer to finish up for a firmer dessert.

You can tell if you have the right combination of ice and salt by watching the condensation on the outside of the bucket. If the motor is still churning after an hour, you need to use more salt. The salt makes the ice melt and freeze the ice cream faster.

The price is very reasonable for this ice cream maker, and may be its best feature. If you're on a tight budget, this may be a good choice.

Rival 8806 Cons

The Rival electric ice cream maker sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. Some units come with faulty motors that do not work at all. Some customers complain that after two hours, they still don't have ice cream.

The company claims the motor is powerful, but many customers find exactly the opposite. Attaching the motor is more difficult than it was on the older, round models. The design may be its fatal flaw.

Instead of being round so you can pack the same amount of ice all the way around it, the narrow sides don't let as much ice get in contact with the canister. This makes it take longer to freeze, if it freezes at all. The plastic bucket is much flimsier than previous models.

The paddle does not reach the bottom of the canister, so you also end up with a portion of your ice cream frozen solid.


  • Powerful motor to churn ice cream
  • Makes up to 6 quarts per batch
  • See through canister lid so you can watch progress
  • No latches
  • Easy to operate
  • New compact design for easy storage


The Rival electric ice cream maker has its fans and detractors. Many customers who tried this ice cream maker loved it. It was easy to store, it was lightweight and the cost was right. The motor worked fine and they got their ice cream in a reasonable amount of time.

Many other customers received faulty motors, or ice cream makers that did not mix the ice cream well or that did not freeze it evenly.

Even though there was some mixed reviews on this ice cream maker. Overall the majority where postive. Click here to read more reviews or purchase this ice cream maker from Amazon

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