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Staub Cookware

Staub cookware is used by some of the most celebrated chefs in the world and is the undisputed leader of culinary cast iron in all of France.

Staub combines the traditional with the modern in its cookware, using technically advanced designs to help enhance the flavors in any dish.

Staub believes that their cast iron cookware is perfect for beginners and professional cooks alike.

Highlights of Staub Cookware

There are numerous things that contribute to Staub's unique design. First is its signature black matte enamel coating. This keeps the cookware practically indestructible and resistant to chipping. It also prevents discoloration. The enamel will not chip due to a technically advanced enamel unless the pot is dropped on a hard surface.

The black matte enamel browns, braises and reduces sauces wonderfully. Like any cast iron, it retains heat extremely well. The special ceramic bottom makes it possible to use these pans on virtually any cooking surface, even ceramic glass tops.

Each use causes oil to penetrate the pores of the enamel to create a natural nonstick surface, making the cookware get better over the years. Lids come adorned with brass or stainless steel knobs.

The lids also feature self-basting spikes on the underside to ensure your food remains moist and delicious. Staub cookware is not nonstick, but by using oil, most sticking is preventable. The sticking that still occurs will help to brown your meals more effectively.

Each piece comes with a limited lifetime warranty for any damages due to a defect in the cookware.

While these pieces are dishwasher safe, it is suggested to handwash them for the greatest longevity. Handwashing is easy¬Ö just use a simple dish soap and water. Products like Scotch Brite can be used, but don't use anything abrasive.

For stubborn cooked on foods, it is suggested to soak the pot in soap and water until it loosens naturally. Brown stains may form in the bottom of the pan as a natural side effect of the cooking process. Most can be easily removed by gently scrubbing with a non-abrasive cleanser.

Be careful of thermal shock when heating the cookware. Because of heating properties of cast iron, cook on medium heat, and decrease the temperature as you cook. If you do need to cook on a high heat, bring it up gradually.

Staub Cookware Products

Staub cookware offers many products made to their exacting standards. They have several sizes of French ovens, which are useful for everything from stew to roast chicken. A special coq au vin oven resembles the other French ovens, but it is decorated with a handle shaped like a rooster. It looks terrific when placed on the dinner table! Likewise, the bouillabaisse pot has a handle shaped like a fish.

They have several skillets and braising pans, as well as open roasting dishes that are oval in shape with rounded handles on each end. Their mussel pot is a beautiful piece. It is shaped a little like a mussel, and contains a separate portion at one end to hold the sauce for your mussels.

Other specialty pieces include a cast iron teapot, a fondue pot, a paella/wok, and an abelskiver pan. They even have cast iron soup bowls and hors d'oeuvre plates. Staub also makes grills and several small serving dishes. Many of their pieces are available in the signature black matte enamel as well as in yellow, grenadine, which is a lovely maroon, basil, graphite grey and royal blue.

Staub Cookware History

Staub cookware had its beginnings as a cookware store in Alsace, France. It opened in 1892. In 1974, the company purchased a nearby cast iron plant and they began to make their own cookware. Now at the top of their field, Staub combines new technology with traditional cast iron cookware.

Francis Staub is still directly involved in designing and creating each piece of cookware. After creating a design and testing it thoroughly, each design is patented. To make each piece, a sand mold is made and then destroyed, making each piece unique. Each item takes a full day to produce.

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