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T-Fal 13.25" Frying Pan

by Sarah Adams
(Overland Park, KS)

T-Fal pan

T-Fal pan

I adore my T-Fal frying pan. I have had it for about two years now. I am always cooking and baking and grilling and this pan allows me to make brilliant sautees and pan-fry anything from my famous enchiladas to three grilled cheese sandwiches at the same time.

I love that the pan has a huge surface area for cooking (13.25 inches) and that the heft is perfect for flipping omelets and stir-fries with ease. The Teflon surface has stayed resilient and sparkling, essentially unmarred by all of my wild flinging of cooking utensils and keeps my eggs from sticking and the occasional scorched mishap from making a scrubbing nightmare.

Thus far, the pan has resisted warping and scratching and has warded off any stains that my lax dish-washing may inflict; though, I would buy another pan just like it if this one ever went downhill. Considering that I use this product daily, the fact that it is so sturdy is an amazing bonus when it comes to how I feel about using it.

My boyfriend has an utter obsession with grilled cheese. I have many favored variations on the beloved American sandwich. For my unforgettable ham and cheese: I briefly toss the peppered ham with capicola and a little butter in the pan until it gets a just barely brown and crispy, toss my tomato slices into the pan to sear the sides and seal the juices in and then construct my buttery tower-like sandwiches of layered swiss, provolone, browned capicola, ham, and tomatoes.

My mom's recipe for Everyone's Favorite Grilled Cheese is constructed of garlic-buttered generously thick french-bread slices with caramelized red onions and apple slices and melted cheddar and blue cheese grilled in between. Every time I serve either of these up he overwhelms me with thank-yous and I-love-you-so-muches.

I love that I can cook multiple sandwiches at once or cook bacon in one side of the huge pan and eggs in the other for breakfast before work. Without my flawless pan, none of this would be possible!

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