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Thomas Rosenthal Professional Cookware Review

by Emily
(Williamsburg, VA, USA)

I got these Thomas cooking pots and pans from the Bloom Happy Points program. I earned the stir-fry pan, the Dutch oven, and the large frying pan through the program. I have been using them as my main cookware ever since I brought them home and I love them.

They are non-stick, but I do need to use some spray to prevent sticking at times. I do this especially when I am using the frying pan to cook meat without any sort of gravy or oil. However I always found I had to do this with my other pans so it does not bother me.

It is not too heavy, which was a complaint of mine from my other pans. In some of my other pots and pans I could not pick up the pans one-handed, which made cooking dangerous at times. Sometimes it is important to quickly move a pan off of a burner, and when it takes both of your hands to do it it’s no wonder food boiled over with me sometimes.

The handles on the pans have holes for if you choose to hang your pans, which I plan on doing in my new place. I have not yet thought about how should hang the lids, but I suppose I’ll tackle that problem when I need to.

I am not quite sure why the handles are hollow, but that does not bother me. The handles do not heat up very fast, despite not being solid. This is important because a lot of the pans I used to own would heat up while I was slow cooking and I would forget and accidentally burn myself on the handles when I came back. So far I have not had this problem with these new pans.

The pans heat up well enough. I do not see any problem with them when they heat up, it does not seem to take any longer than the other pans I owned. They seem to heat evenly when I am cooking, and compare very well even with much more expensive cookware. I would highly recommend these pans!

Update: You can sometimes find Thomas Cookware on Ebay. Click the link below to see if any are for sale.

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not as good as people are making out
by: Neil

I don't know why people are saying there non stick there not I've had a few problems with them sticking and I'm not happy with them and it was the first time i used them i also use wooden spoons and i know how to cook as I'm a chef so i just don't think there worth the money i spent on them

Thomas Cookware
by: Anonymous

I too got one of the skillets through the Albertsons promotion in Fort Worth TX. and i must say it is the best piece of cookware i have ever owned besides my old cast iron pieces which are indeed heavy but unrivaled for fried chicken and pork chops. The coating is of the best quality I've seen light weight and the glass lid is also top notch. As for the handles i don't have this problem because i cook on an electric range however you may try to stuff a small ball of aluminum foil in the bottom of the handle to deflect the heat from entering the handle tube. Just a suggestion. I wish i had more of their products very fine quality products.

Defective Skillet
by: Sami

Have gotten two skillets & a round pan that the lid has holes to pour off liquid. Love the grill skillet and the round pan, but in the small skillet the coating is peeling up where the handle attaches on the inside.
Does anyone know how I can reach these people to see about a replacement?

Best cookware ever
by: Sid

My local Albertson Supermarket had a promotion re: Thomas Rosenthal cookware (gave out stamps to paste in a book). I accumulated enough stamps to be able to get 2 items and just love them. Now for those of you who state that the handles get so hot that you can burn your hands of course they do their designed to be able to put the cookware into your oven and cook as well as on top of your stove. Hey folks, your not five year old, use pot holders to hold the handles so you don't burn you hands. One woman gave a link that didn't work another person said that you can but it at Macy's which also didn't work as well. Probably the best way to get more of this wonderful cookware is to search eBay and see if someone is selling one. The coating is Hard Anodized Aluminum. You should never use metal tools to remove food, only use wooden or plastic, hard washing is best but you can also put it into your dishwasher as it would take a very long time to determinate the coating.
I'm not a dealer but just an average cook like most of you guys/gals but I've been cooking for a long, long time.
So if anyone of you is dissatisfied with your cookware please contact me and let's see if we can "make a deal" you can contact me at

Handles get HOT
by: JCB

The set of Thomas pans that I own have handles that are a tube of bent aluminum, hollow in the middle. On a gas stove top they direct the heat up them and get far too hot to touch. It doesn't look as though all of there pans have these handles but avoid the ones that do.

by: Anonymous

Tescos in the UK do Thomas cook & pour. You can collect vouchers to reduce the cost 70% off.

Thomas Rosenthal Group Wok-Stir fry w/lid Part #P248S3 and sauce pan #P19S8
by: sid39

I got my Wok and also an 8" sauce pan at my local Albertsons Supermarket during their last .01 promotion and just love them both. I believe that these are the best pieces of cookware that I have ever owned and used. I have no problem whatsoever with the handles getting hot because I use pot holders (that's what they are used for) so that I don't burn my hands. I love that fact that both pieces can be used in the oven. The only problem is that getting more of this brand is very difficult to obtain since I cannot find any reference to this brand in stores nor online. I checked with the manager of my local Albersons Supermarket re: having another promotion and he said many people had asked and no answer was able to be given.
On occasion you might be lucky to see an auction for this on eBay.
Good luck.

Thomas Rosenthal Group Grill Pan #P234WI
by: Marie

I also earned my grill pan through a Grocery Store promotion, Albertson's in Calf. I have the grill pan and I've never loved a pan more. I can't believe I am saying that "I love" a pan but I truly
think it is the best. I love to cook. I have twin teen-aged boys who have loads of friends. I'm always cooking (love that too). Anyway, love, love, love this grill pan. It grills perfectly even, it's square, which is perfect for burgers, it cleans up so easily. I could go on and on... who am I? If someone told me 20 years ago I'd be gushing over a pan, I'd have called them I'm crazy for a pan... Go figure???? :)

by: Anonymous

Have complete set of pots & pans, really great to cook in. How do you remove scratches from surface? My son loves to cook eggs in the medium size skillet, and has managed to scratch the surface with metal flatware.

by: Joanne

We absolutely LOVE this cookware. We are trying to find out where we can get more pieces. They hold the heat really well and clean up great.

by: alfredo

Can you cook in the oven with the dutch oven pot?

Dutch Oven
by: Leonardo

I got the dutch oven. The handles do get somewhat hot. The reason I love this cookware is because I am in a wheelchair and I like the lightweight before I put any food in it. All of the cookware in the stores are too heavy from the start! You do have to watch the slippery bottoms on the stove. So be careful that the pots don't slip into your lap! Other than those 2 things, These pots are just what I was looking for. I would like to get the casserole pot and the roasting pan also.

Where Made?
by: Anonymous

Written right on the carton, Made in China. Where else?? I like my pan. Haven't used much else since I got it, but I really am not fond of the fact that it is most likely coated with Teflon!

Non-stick, yahoo!!
by: Millie

Got this cookware from Bloom's, the big skillet is deep and great for one-pan dishes. Also it fries the best bacon and/or chops, and the best omelets ever, hey, these folks can complain about the handles, but that is why we have pot holders, right???

Pans SUCK!
by: Bob

I got these pans thru a promotion at our local Acme, (collect so many coupons). These were ok for "free", if I bought them I would have returned them. The handles get way too hot. I have a couple of other pans with metal handles and they do not get hot like these!

Solution to hot handles & Care of your cookware
by: DesPlaines, IL

Everyone should own an OV'Glove - it is the solution to any pan with a warm/hot handle. Or you can purchase (or make) a slip on pan handle cover.

Read the use and Care instructions in the booklet - and your cookware will serve you well.

 Keep the metal off your non-stick cookware, wash by hand and dry, do not place hot lid on wet towel or surface, if stack when storing-place a washcloth, paper towel or dishrag on top of non-stick surface.

You will definitely get your moneys worth plus more from your Thomas cookware.

 Love my grill & stir fry pan
(thank you Mary Ann)!

by: Jackie Booth

I recieved two pans from Jewel and I have young teens that cook we have noticed that the handles
get hot and they have to use a pot holder to cover the handle to stir whats in the pans do you
have handle covers.

Very hot handles, but cooks well
by: Dorothy S

I am building my collection of Thomas Rosenthal cookware by collecting the stamps at Jewel Food Store. So far I've collected the Dutch Oven with Lid and the 9.4" Saute Pan with Lid. I've only used the dutch over. I'm rating this cookware only 3 stars becase the dutch over is short (about 4-1/2" in depth) so you'll need to be careful that you don't add too much to the pot, you won't have enough room to bring the water to a boil. Also, the lid handle gets extremly hot. I have cookware with similar handles and they don't get as hot as these. Be very careful! I am pleased with how it retains heat and cooks evenly. As for the Saute Pan, I like the depth for deep frying and the circumference which allows to fry more pieces at one time. Overall, it's a nice looking set.

by: Dick Beem

If you want to go out and spend $100.00 on a small pan, go ahead and throw your money away. This cookware is great and the cost makes it even better. I don't hink I would enjoy a $100.00 fried egg any more than with these pans.

by: Bea

Only have one of the pans but have found that the handle on the lid gets very, very hot and that the pan itself slips and slides around the stove. Very dangerous.

You get what u pay for
by: G. M.

Come on everyone these items by Thomas are cheap fare at best. Go out and buy your self some nice cookware. I know it is very costly to this but you will never go back to using your cheap cookware again, also the high dollar cookware will last forever if you take care of it that is. So in the long run it will pay for its self. Remember this... if there is any flexing at the handle where it connects to the pan and or the rivets are small or even spot welded it a cheap piece of cookware. It is real pleasing to cook with a nice pan try it out buy just one spend a $100.00 on a small 8 inch pan and cook an egg and the difference will be noticed. Build your cookware one at a time soon you will have all you need.

Thanks g.m.

handles burn you
by: Anonymous

While the pans are fine, the handles get so hot if you touch them or bump them they will burn the heck out of you. Forget and accidently grab them, say goodbye to your skin!!

Very Hot Handles
by: Anonymous

I also got these as part of a Albertson's promotion. The first time I used the larger frying pan, I was shocked by just how hot those handles became.
They are thin metal attached to the pan with metal fastners. In other words, EVERYTHING conducts heat. There is no buffer. As that heat moves up the handle, the next contact point is your hand!
ALWAYS use an oven mitt and keep these away from young ones at all costs.

Absolutely wonderful!
by: Kimberly

Thomas Rosenthal Group professional cookware (hard anodized) products supercedes any cookware I've owned in 20+ plus years of marriage.

I got my first piece just to try it (the grilling pan) and nothing I cook sticks. (now I clean my pan when it is still hot and just use a soft dish rag).

I wished I could locate their website so that I could purchase the whole line of products then I would throw all my other pans away!

thank you,

Wonderful stuff!
by: Kate

I love it all. Just got a few pieces from an Alberston's 1-cent sale. They are light and the handles conduct very little heat. the grill pan is wonderful...I can't praise Thomas enough. it makes cooking so much easier.

These are really great!!!!
by: Byron Mullins

I do not know why people are complaining I have spent hundreds of $$ on pan sets in the past and I am more happy with these !
And to all you people complaining the handles get hot every pot handle will get hot on a stove DUH !! These are a little small but work great and for the price can not be beat even at half price

Sizes of cookware
by: Anonymous

What is the capacity for the cookware in quarts rather than in sizes?

Thanks Albertsons
by: Anonymous

These are the best pans I've ever owned!

Oven Use
by: Howard

We really like the pans as you can use them in the oven.
One way is baking a Dutch Baby.
A Dutch Baby is a type pan cake.
The roster pan is good for Welsh Pudding.

by: N. DOLAN

Collectively besides myself, my family, friends and co-workers I have managed to get every piece of the Thomas cookware offered by Jewel Foods by collecting 710 stamps!

All of the pieces seem relatively small. The handles are metal and heat up way too fast. Easy to burn your hand if you are like I am and quickly grab a pan without a pot holder.

The large and small dutch ovens are very slippery on the bottom. I have a gas stove and they tend to slip on the burners. Just by stirring or pouring the contents from one pot to another the pots can go sliding right off the stove.

I am very disappointed in this product. The good news is that I only spent a penny on each piece!

I intend to write to the company.

Best Pans Ever
by: Adam

I earned my pots and pans from Albertson's promotion. After getting my first pan, I did everything I could to earn points to get pans for my home and my rental. They are the best pans I have ever used. As others have said, nothing sticks to them, don't need to use any sprays, oils or shortening to keep food from sticking. I just wish I could get more for gifts and as a back stock for when they if ever will need to be replaced.

Thomas Cookware
by: Anonymous

Can I use this cookware on an Induction Hob and is it suitable on direct heat?

What they are made of
by: Anonymous

They are made of Hard Anodized Aluminum - which in and of itself has nothing to do with "no-stick". The coating is Teflon or a Teflon-like substance, which as others have noted does not fare well high-heat cooking, such as searing.

This coating should be fine if you:

* pre-heat the pan on VERY LOW heat slightly before adding butter, oil or spray
* NEVER use on high heat -- Medium is your max!
* Let pan cool before washing
* Do NOT EVER wash in the dishwasher as this deteriorates the coating --even if you can't visibly tell it -- and this deterioration causes potential toxin release.
* Do not use anything but wood or plastic utensils EVER

These instructions are true for all Teflon and Teflon-like coatings (Teflon Platinum is a bit harder and the claim is that metal utensils can be used -- but why?)

The Thomas Rosenthal pans are available if I shop a lot at Albertson's.... but I just calculated that I can go buy some better brand if I just go to the "other" store in town that costs less -- and save the difference in a jar and then go buy some nice pans. :) That's what i'm gonna do.

re: hot handles
by: Brenda

I too have burned my hands on the handles of the casserole/small dutch oven. I am very disappointed that this product that is meant for stove top use has metal handles that heat up fast and to the point that the user can sustain burns when touching the lid pot handle or the pot side handles. I will definitely be in touch with this company re: this hazard.

by: CAROL w

I'm wondering if I am the only person who has burned my hand after picking up the pan by the handle while cooking. What is up with that? I have never had a pot that i couldn't at least turn the pan or pick it up by the handle. I am very dissappointed in the cookware because I spent so much money collecting enough stickers to have a complete set of cookware for my summer house. I can't even think of letting tenants use the cookware as i fear I will be the cause of someone getting a severe burn.

from bc canada
by: jennings

love them , i have 3 , got them by saving stickers at the co-op in dawson creek bc . out of all my pots i all ways use seem to use these.
hope to get more

Good bottom of the line pans
by: Anonymous

Not bad for free. Albertsons donated to my Fire Dept. a whole set. They are a little thin. the non stick isnt the best. but better than your T fal type cookware. No comparison to Caphalon One though.

Like the Dutch Oven - Hate the fry pans
by: Anonymous

I have used the frying pans a few times now and last night I burned my arm when I accidentally hit it with my forearm. These get way to hot and hold heat far faster and longer than other heavier handled fry pans. The dutch oven handles get hot too but are much less likely to be hit when cooking. Be careful!

Teflon and Anodized Aluminum
by: Dave

Many have asked and I haven't seen the correct answer yet so here it is: The material the pot is made of is Anodized Aluminum (not "regular" aluminum)and the non-stick coating on the pots is Teflon.
Anodized Aluminum is aluminum which has undergone a process which gives it a harder surface which increases corrosion resistance and gives it a better wear factor. Anodizing also allows better adhesion for coatings, such as paint or Teflon. Teflon is just a coating and it is very safe to 250 C(482 F) but does start to break down over 260 C(500 F)and could cause flu-like symtoms in humans.
I have the 5L Dutch Oven and it seems to work fine.

From Canada
by: Anonymous

I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My local supermarket chain Calgary COOP is also starting this cookware program.

It appears to be as same as you fellows down in the United States. We spend $10 Canadian and we get a sticker to collect for cookware.

I got the 28 cm stir-fry pan and I am really enjoying to use it. It is a great product. I have never owned professional cookware before. I am looking forward to collect more.

Our program up here in Canada ends in July.

by: Kat

I earned the larger Dutch oven through Marsh. After a few uses, the pot warped on one side and the lid does not fit. It was never in the dishwasher and never over heated. Marsh did not provide any satisfaction. Any recourse suggestions?

by: Anonymous

I too have been saving points through ACME to get some of these pans. Yesterday however, I was curious enough to examine the display models.
Hidden in the small print on the packaging was the word 'TEFLON'!
The sticker booklet that ACME provides refers to the cook set as 'hard anodized'.
So which is it?
Often when I'm cooking something like fish or chicken on the stove top, I'll finish it off under the broiler to brown. I can do that with stainless steel or Calphalon, but I would never do that with Teflon.
BTW: For those worried about fat intake, when using stainless steel, preheat the pan a bit before adding cooking spray. The food will be less likely to stick.

I hope they are not made in China!
by: Anonymous

Where are they made??

Current Promotion
by: Anonymous

Acme supermarkets is currently running a points promotion for these pans (into April 2010).

Make it Simple
by: Anonymous

The company refers to a coating applied, but does not specify type. Is the coating Teflon or any byproduct of? No issue Dupont, just prefer to have my kids without C5 in the blood if possible. at

" made of hard anodised aluminum...light ans stain resistant... In addition, a non-stick coating allows for healthier cooking, meaning less fat is needed"

What is the coating please?

Great Pans
by: Anonymous

The pans are hard anodized non stick material... the handles are hollow and are oven safe!!! Albertsons has these on promotion right now for every $10 you spend you get a sticker... the cheapest pan is free with 40 stickers or half price $6.99 with 20... i am a big kitchen aid fan and love my pans... but these pans are something else... i am on my way to collecting the rest of the collection...

oh i have cooked with these exact pans... a friend of mine who i cooked thanksgiving dinner with collected the entire set and i loved using them...

by: Anonymous

That is probably the reason for the handles being they do not heat up fast and burn your hands.

Thomas skillet
by: Maureen

Where can I purchase another one of these Thomas skillets? I am in Houston/Dallas area. Please advise asap! Thank you!

love the product
by: Gyna

I absolutely love the cookware. A fellow board member heard me talking about them and is giving me 20 stamps. I've already 'cashed in' 100 and can't wait to see what all I can get by the end of this Albertson's promotion.

Where you can get the Pots and Pans
by: Janova

I got mine by earning points at my local Food Lion Grocer. But you can actually purchase this brand at Macy's Department Store. I hope that helps.

Amazing :)
by: Anonymous

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Where to buy TR Pro Cookware
by: Chef Russ

This wonderful cookware is available at Macy's.

What are they made of?
by: HeyMon

I too would like to know what these pans are made of. I got mine for earning shopping points at Albertsons. I've had them for several years. I'm not sure I trust them anymore. I remember the days where there were warnings about teflon and silverstone pans. What makes these any different? Why doesn't the company tell you what they're made of? I think I'm switching back to cast iron. At least I know I'll be getting my vitamins out of it!

by: Barbara Reynolds

Does this cookware have any aluminum in it? Statement says it is better than "traditional aluminum" so I'm led to believe it is constructed of aluminum in part. Thx

by: Anonymous

can you buy these pans anywhere?

Where can I find this cookware?
by: Anonymous

I recently rented a vacation home where they had Thomas pots and pans. I found them to be wonderful to cook on and in. The realtor does not know where they can be purchased. Can you tell me where you got yours?

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