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Wolfgang Puck 18 piece Cafe Collection-1qt. 3qt. 5qt. 8qt. 10" saute all with lids and 8" omelet, 3qt. steamer, 6 utensils

by Susannah L.
(Elk Grove, CA, USA)

I recently did a lot of research and reading about mid-priced cookware and decided to get the Cafe Collection of Wolfgang Puck cookware (12 pot and pan pieces, 5 with lids/steamer and 6 utensils) from Sam's Club.

I had been cooking for a long time on a set of Wearever pans my husband bought me from a tv ad. They had great features including square rims for great poring, recessed lids with steam vents so that any boiling over went back into the pot, easy draining capabilities, and nonstick interiors. Little did I know that those nonstick interiors that seemed so wonderful in the beginning were now flaking toxicity into my food.
Time for a change.

When I got my new set, I compared it to the pieces my friend has from the Elite Bistro Collection and they were exactly the same construction, she just got more pieces.

I did not realize what a difference good heat conduction would make! My new cookware pours and drains great. Hopefully with more control over heating I won't overflow so much now.

They told me not to use the high heat to boil liquids; medium to medium-high would work. It really does, and much faster than my old pans.

The aluminum encapsulated between stainless steel on the bottom really works wonderfully!

When I boiled pasta, I didn't put in a little olive oil like I usually do and the pasta was perfect, no sticking to the pan or clumping to itself. I haven't yet tried sauteing, but I expect to see the same great results if I am willing to follow the directions given on the best way to do this.

Paying slightly more than $100 (1/4 the cost of the old set) for almost everything I need in my kitchen is amazing to me. I think I will need to add only one more pan-a larger saute skillet. I wish the 12" one wasn't sold out everywhere I look. I may have to settle for the 11" one. I am a truly happy home chef with my new cookware set.

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by: Denise

Just got my set tonight...I'm excited to cook in them.

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