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Wolfgang Puck Bistro 11-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

by MLiebers

The diversity of cookware that you get with this Wolfgang assembly is simply amazing, and I put everything to use.

In the set is a saucepan, omelet pan, saute pan, along with a number of custom lids, glassware and spoons. Essentially, its everything you need to cook everything you need. Personally, I obtained my set for about 90 dollars, but it can be found for 80 or even 70. It is simply an amazing value - you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The non-stickiness factor with this set has proven to me time and time again its extraordinary usefulness. The saute pan is no doubt the highlight for me; it is very easy to clean and doesn't seem to ever crust up badly.

To name a number of their best attributes, they have to include the fact that they dont't warp, they heat quite evenly, and all the products seem to retain their shine.

My one reservation about this product is that it sometimes doesn't cook on par with the specific time that a recipe calls for. For example, it may take shorter or longer than it reads on the recipe (usually longer).

On top of this, the pieces are slightly, and I mean slightly, on the flimsy, and skinny side. This is not to say that they are about to snap in hand, only that they are not exactly the hardy thick type. I just try to be careful with them and not throw them around, just as I would with any other cookware.

Yet, all in all, the greatest thing about this product has to be its price. For well less than 100 dollars you can have this cookware set, and I can definitely testify that the set is worth more than that. This is more than just a cookware set, it is literally an investment. I can recommend this product to anyone.

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18 piece cookware
by: Dale

We bought the Wolfgang Puck 18 piece cookware set from The shopping Channel in May of 2010.
My wife loves the set but we had a problem with the 2 QT sauce pan leaking at the rivets at the handle. We contacted Wolfgang Puck by phone twice about the warranty on the set and were told both times that we are using the pot incorrectly and should not fill it so full.

Wow did she ever feel like an idiot. They sold a faulty product and it was her fault that it leaks. She asked if there was nothing they would do to solve this problem and again was told not to fill the pot so full.

So much for their customer service.

Helpful review
by: Susannah L.

You gave both sides of the picture, so I know you are probably a real person instead of someone with a vested interest in the pans. I act on only the reviews I think are from consumers. Thanks.

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