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Wolfgang Puck Skillet Review

by susan williams
(phoenix, arizona)

Today I purchased a new 11" Wolfgang Puck skillet. I purchased this pan because it has a thick aluminum band around the bottom which gives the pan a nice weight and I have found that this type of pan cooks very well and is safe to use on my glass top range.

I also like the fact that the pan has two short handles on each side instead of one long handle. This works out much better if you need to finish cooking something in the oven after browning.

I also like the fact that the pan has a clear glass lid as opposed to a solid metal lid. I have found that the stainless steel finish cooks very evenly and meat browns very nicely.

You do have to be very careful because once the pan gets hot it does cook very quickly. This isn't a problem as long as you know that you will need to adjust the heat down after the pan gets nice and hot.

This pan is perfect for making schnitzel, fried chicken,fried potatoes as well as shrimp and fish. I also like this pan because when the meat browns it leaves little crispy pieces of goodness on the bottom of the pan and if you are making gravy those little crispy pieces give the gravy a great taste and color.

I was also very pleased with the ease of cleanup. I really browned the meat tonight and there was a pretty thick crust on the bottom of the pan when I finished. I was worried that it would be difficult to clean. I was pleasantly surprised when a five minute soak in hot soapy water and it was very easy to clean and was bright and shiny in minutes.

I paid $34.95 for this pan which I think is a very reasonable price for a good pan these days. As my old pans wear out I do plan to replace them with the Wolfgang Puck brand of pans.

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Nice review
by: Susannah L.

This review was very helpful since you sound like a real person with needs like mine.

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