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Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel -18 pc. Review

by Jordan

I have never been more impressed by a set of cookware than I am with Wolfgang Puck's stainless steel collection. Quality cookware can sometimes be hard to find at a reasonable price, so I feel as though I hit the holy grail with this purchase. This collection consists of 18 pieces, including utensils. Heavy duty glass lids are also included. The pots and pans are oven safe up to 400 degrees, which make them ideal if you have to pop something in the oven to finish cooking.

They clean easy, the only real issue being the rivets present in the pans. I have noticed no issues at all hand washing the utensils, the food barely sticks and it comes off easy with hot water and soap. The pots and pans on the other hand typically need to be oiled rather heavily to keep from sticking, however, these are not advertised as non-stick, so this isn't really a negative on the set itself. Since many proficient cooks use stainless daily, this isn't so much a flaw as it is a fact of cooking. I've used this set now for over a year daily and have had several dishes that stuck to the pans, but I now have the right formula down for the oil-to-food ration.

Perhaps the best part of this set is the even heating distribution. Not quite as good as cast iron but certainly much better than any Teflon or non-stick cookware I have used. Hot spots aren't an issue anymore in regular cooking. I also love my cast iron skillet, but sometimes I don't have the time necessary to wait for it to heat up to proper temperature. And with the above mentioned oven safe temperatures, these are an excellent substitute. All in all, this cookware set is excellent for both amateur and practiced cooks, regardless of skill level. This is one impulse purchase that I do not regret in the least!

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